Welcome to Splashy's
Clown Town

Middle Tennessee's 3rd Annual Haunted Car Wash

Splashy's Car Wash is excited to bring you the 3rd Annual Splashy's Clown Town sponsored by Sit Means Sit Dog Training and Lanes, Trains & Automobiles. Do you dare make the trip to Splashy's Clown Town & enter a place where killer clowns inhabit?

Taste the Thrill

2022 Dates

This event runs through the month of OCTOBER.







Hours of operation for each day are 7 P.M. - Midnight.

1423 Warrior Drive, Murfreesboro, TN, 37128

How to Enter

General Admission


Fast Pass



We accept both cash and card for entrance into Clown Town. The fee is $30 per car. When you are ready to enter, please have a payment ready.


  • Ensure Truck Beds are Clear
  • No Trailer hitches
  • occupants Must Remain in Vehicle at all times
  • Be respectful of others in line
  • No Profanity
  • While in the haunted tunnel, keep your vehicle in Neutral & your foot off the brake until you've exited the tunnel

The most important rule: Have Fun!



Clown Town will be held on October 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th, and 29th from 7pm-Midnight. Depending on volume, we reserve the right to cut the line at 11:30pm at the entrance of our parking lot in order to finish by Midnight.
Clown Town will be held at 1423 Warrior Drive, Murfreesboro, TN. Off exit 80 on I-24
Yes, on the event dates we will close at 5pm in order to set up and start our event at 7pm.
It is priced at $30 per vehicle. We accept cash or card payments at the time of admission.
The fast pass is intended to significantly decrease the wait time in line. There will be a separate flow of traffic in our parking lot for those who choose to purchase a fast pass, so be sure to look at our event map. Fast passes are limited, and must be purchased in advance. Fast passes must be used on the event date you selected, and will NOT be accepted on other event dates.
There is no age restriction. We ask parents of young children to use their discretion.
A portion of the proceeds go to Riverdale High School’s Theatrical group who are some of our actors.
Normal rain showers will not affect our event. With the exception of lightning, severe wind, or other weather events that may put people at risk which could cause a particular night to be canceled. *If we do have to cancel a particular night of Clown Town, we will post an update on our Facebook and/or Instagram.